Today was the first working day of my expat life. How can I say?

Everything seems to be extremely new to me, all the things. In general, it was going unexpectedly, cause I didnt know it would be for sure in advance.

Woke up at 6.30am, did my personal stuff, had breakfast, hit monorail at 7.35am, hit my new company at 8.15am. A big and dark skin Indian girl welcomed me for my first day at there. The morning flied by docs filling, presentation to new team and medical checkup. I just didnt feel good with my high heels cause they made my feet hurt. Otherwise, all would be better.

I have to confess that I was quite confused about what I will do for my job. I almost speak english in a fast paced working environment plus talk via phones with different accents in the world plus technical terms. My god! My new coworkers say that just relax, I’ll be familiar with them all, just be confident. They are quite fun and friendly at the first time. Of course most of them in my team are expats like me, and most of most of them are from Philippines.  I had a slight pain in my back and my neck for keeping focusing on screen and on training, no time to pee also. Hope I don’t get the night shift. Otherwise my friends will see a panda face around. It will make my biological clock turn upside down. But if it still comes, no way else by learn to get used to it.

I still think about my medical check up process. I never do any medical checkup b4. But I know how it would be in my country. I guess it’s quite different in here. Well, better keep it confidential than say out loud here.

Gonna be continue tomorrow, the whole day training, gonna be more tired. Go ahead ! Go ahead! Go ahead!

Except the guy I always thought I would have a great help from him but nothing. A big disappointment! I should never text or call him anymore.Sucks.




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