Need help !

I’m about to leave this place, moving to another big instant city that I never thought I would be there for another part of my life.

That’s what I’ve been waiting for and fighting for almost a year and now I almost made it. But now I don’t feel good with it.

Of course we do have our choices. I made my choice and I don’t blame myself for it. Hard time is over. Inconsistency was knocked out though sometimes he tried to visit me. I did ask myself why I gave up all this for things I do not know for sure and for a life with a bunch of strange things and strange people surrounding me. I feel myself a loser sometimes.

But why that country?

A guy? I’m not sure.

A runaway? Maybe.

The biggest adventure ever ? Yes, it is.

I found myself back eventually. Only my connection still makes me step back. My sister, my family, my favourite, familiarity..

Come on! This is not a farewell. I will see them again in a bright sunshining day.

And I do need help for now.

I ‘m gonna move to Kuala Lumpur next month and I’ve been trying to find a place for a long rent. If somebody stops by here and knows something about a rental which doesn’t cost over RM500/month, I would much appreciate.


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