Coloful collection s1

This is gonna be my flower collection.

Honestly I have to say that I am a nature lover then I love everything smelling natural. Flowers are included in that package. But please remember that don’t buy me any flowers. I will not like that waste of money. Or even though how much I like flowers it comes easily to me to get bored of a bunch of flowers just staying the same in my house. At least you have to give me thousands thousands of bunches. I’ll try to pretend it’s my real garden.

Aw, these below photos were surely taken by me

Vietnamese says it’s ‘hoa đào’. Hoa means flower, đào means đào, ya, so vietnamese. Only show up in the spring in northern areas when the weather’s getting cold.

Closeup of hoa đào.

Something called wild flowers along a trek to Langbiang.

I don’t know if they are flowers or not. Badly hope they are so my collection isn’t fake.

Never think my collection is crappy huh. If it were, it would be  the best super professional crap ever 😉

It doesnt mean I love you. I just means I was taken in this pic.

I don’t like it. It just looks like bananas to me. Then I put it here to memorise my idea.

So tiny stuff. They’re not flowers but flowers seem not to be flowers without these stuff. So don’t worry guys I won’t ignore you. Congrats! You make it through in my collection.

Hello purple! You are amazing with waterdrops on your body, which makes you a tiny model in this colorful garden.

Who are you beauty? I don’t know your name but I still vote for you to be here.


Last year vs this year, in my parents’ garden.

End of season 1.


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  1. Rewelacja! poprostu genialne.

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