Hà Tiên – Kep – Kampot (3): life connection

You guys, follow me for more episodes in Kampot.

Continuing to hang around Bokor Hill where the old building of King Sihanouk is the most attraction.

I saw there were some tourists trying to follow us here :). We didn’t want to miss any corners though there was no many corners here to hide. From a corner, we could see Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, a petite and charming island belonging to Kien Giang Province.

The front view of the building.

In front of a temple, it looks like we reached the heaven gate but they were still under construction.

Walked inside

My lady, she wanted to pose here but she had to fight with the cloudy sky here. I had to put more brightness in order to see how her face looked like.


Bokor Hill was done here. It was time to go back to town ’cause it was almost raining and full of cloud on the way. I wasn’t sure our driver could bring us back down safely if we tried to stay here a few more minutes.

Our day really flew away until we found out we were tired out and wanted to get some sleep. That was the reason why we hardly kept our eyes wide open on the way back. Phewwww….I didn’t want to fall out….

A chill out night was filled up by yummy dishes and twilight by the lake. Suddenly an Cambodian old man from nowhere stepped towards us and asked for 1,000Riel. We even didn’t know how come he appeared before us then we didn’t give him money cause we had no any Riel. A surprise moment than ever when English poured out from his mouth “Oh my god…only 1,000Riel…blahh..blahh…” We couldn’t believe in what was happening for his attitude and behaviour. We hardly found somebody here speak English when we tried to find ways to get in town. But now an old man who looked poor and miserable but possessed  good accent when things didn’t come out the way he wanted. What a night!

More than a night, a plus night came up when my lady tried to creep me out by her scary stories in her business trip in Singapore at an luxury hotel with a long history in the war. You know that this town in Kampot, they are a dark town, no street lights, only on the old bridge and new brigde, and only the light from guesthouses like where we were. The room we stayed was on the top and stood isolated even they said other rooms were full. No shadows of human around us. hehe…I didn’t want to spend a Halloween night so early like that. Smells like a chicken -hearted around here…



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