Hà Tiên-Kep-Kampot (2): life connection

Any last minute decisions seems to make things more exciting. That’s the way it works on me.

After some minutes of having fun around, we headed to Kampot. I had no any ideas about Kep or Kampot. Just followed my lady as a kid but actually she was my follower 🙂

I planned to stay at Blissful GH for its cheapest price but we couldn’t find the way then Long Villa was the next stop. Unfortunately, they just spoke French there, the lady she just said something like…she didn’t know Anglais. Ok…Kept moving. I decided to find a place along riverside because I already saw many guesthouses there. Little cafe -restaurant …maybe that name..I didn’t know why I stopped there. Maybe it had a small cafe in the front n near the old bridge. A double room with fan only costed US$8 but we wanted US$7. So what was next?

Bokor Hill was our plan in the next morning. The plan changed again for a tight schedule. We are moving girls, always, then we didn’t want to stop. It was 10:30am at the moment.

It was kinda fun when we came to the driver’s house. He charged us US$27/2 persons on one motorbike including lunch (of course after a hard bargain :)…not really hard). I know they are not crafty persons. Everybody has to try to earn for living (Im not exception) and I guess it’s quite hard here for some people like him. He has a wife and three kids ( 1 boy, 2 girls). His free lunch , as I felt, happened at his house. I liked that, really. A sea town brought us a lunch with all fish, my favourite food. We had lunch together in a small kitchen. Only the soup with fish and banana flower was a bit strange to me for the taste, everything else sounded good.

Nothing I could steal here if I were a theif. Don’t get me wrong. I just had this idea in mind. A 14″ Cambodian TV plus a DVD in the living room are laid next to a queen sized bed. Hmm…How many members would stay on this bed? 3 or 4 or only 2? 🙂 Another bamboo-made bed I was sitting on and another tiny bedroom are right next to the kitchen. They have many jars of water at the backyard.

Almost noon time. We needed to go. Three persons shared the seat on his new brand motorbike, only him with helmet. They always have tour to Botok Hill early in the morning from 8am, including free lunch and river cruise. It is said that some they don’t want to get there by bus (like us), they want to enjoy free air and random stop for shooting pics. Actually I like the feeling of flying on snake roads so motorbikes are always the first choice. Tourists have to pay US$5/each for entrance fee. I think they didn’t cheat on us as I guess they need to preserve this national park as the lung of Kampot.

Alot of constructions are in progress on the way to top and on the top also. I heard that they have a project to make this place a complex resort mixed between the old and new with casinos, temples. I was really drawn by the building’s past times beauty. As they said they would keep that spoiled outfit but renovate its interior for 100 rooms. I’m not sure I can stay one night alone in a hotel room on the top of this hill in this old building of Sihanouk King, he might be still around here.


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