Hà Tiên – Kep- Kampot (1): life connection

It’s better to write something right away when your feeling is in bloom. I thought I’d better write it in Vietnamese so that I can satisfy myself with what I want to show off . But I also thought again why I couldn’t make it so connected in a language not my language.

It’s been a drain for a while when I had a turmoil until this moment. I hope I can get back to me crazily as I was.

Another adventure to a place that I didn’t think about, had no plans when I was broke and when I was in a mess. Not an escape ’cause we can never escape ourselves wherever you are.

Hà Tiên, located in Kien Giang province which is famous with a bunch of small and stunning islands. It didn’t surprise me alot at a glance but it made me feel so easy later just like after a hard pain somebody gave you a pill to get you relieved. A peaceful morning when I came. A tiny bus terminal. A clean bathroom ( I didn’t think a bathroom would be clean in a place like that). After a half sleepless night on bus, I could fill in my lung again with original air in a very small town that is around 300km away from a concrete jungle.

Well, where are we going now? Wandering. Walking. Two ‘xe ôm’ (hugging motorbikes) were chasing after us and begging to give us a ride. Hmmmm…In town. Hungry. Only hungry. My big fat lady, she wasn’t hungry yet. Two plates of “cơm tấm sườn bì” (fried pork with rice) were charged 25.000k/each. Is it expensive in a place like this? I think they are not nice at all. That price is quite the same in the city. I don’t like that shop.

A ferry. A port.  It makes the morning more relaxed. I love the water surface shining in  early sunlight. It’s like the atraction of a woman that a man can not control himself from wanting her.

Cừ Đứt Ferry - Dealing with 'xe ôm'

We needed two motorbikes with 2 local drivers. Kep city was the first hit before Kampot.

People have to walk through the border gate. The Cambodian customs officer helped us to fill in immigration cards, returned passports to us then he asked for money around 50.000VND for 2 persons. He said we had to pay for his writing on the paper. My lady argued with him for while, she tried to keep her from anger because of unreasonable money. I thought what the hell he was thinking. If he wanted money from us, he’d better ask before returning the passports. We just turned our back and went away without feedback to that idiot.

The damn sun was crazily jumping up and down in front of us. We were moving in the burning sunshine and on dusty red roads. Two motorbikes, two Hà Tiên drivers and two girls in ninja outfit kept going ahead.

I think Cambodian people are the brave ones when I see them live in a poor living standard under this nasty heat. I guess most of them earn for living by doing farm. What esle can they do here? 60% of landscape are rice field, others are fallow. Some have a garage to fix motorbikes. Some barber shops. Some tailors. But most of shops look dusty and kind of poor.

 Their houses look like house style of one of Vietnamese people, Thai house that I used to see in the north, almost the same. I wonder if there is any relation between Cambodian around the border here and our Thai people in the north.

a Malaysian mosque

Kep city was not far off. I felt the smell of salt. It was so right. Kep beach here we came. A long beach went along a small and green street. I have seen many streets by the sea like this. But here it’s not a big road like in Nha Trang, not so close like in Da Nang, it’s far enough and close enough…hmmm …maybe.

in front of Kep city

Hi there, my white horse prince !

The breezes from ocean made our sweats off after a drain riding. A tourist place here. Some hotels. Some guesthouses. A nice path for a couple to walk hand in hand. A nice view with coconut trees leaning on the sea. I just got to know this place is also famous with crabs because they have a big crab statue by the beach. But I didn’t kill any crabs here. 😦


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