Little Saigon

It’s time to have a confession about my place. It’s kind of unfair when I keep talking about the places that I’m so into but where I’m living, have been living for such a long time.

I thought I liked Saigon when I was younger and my thought stayed the same until I was 18 then I left my parents’ house for study. I guess I didn’t like Saigon anymore later on for many reasons. Sometimes I think why I keep doing something while I’m not connected with it anymore. It’s not about what I thought. It’s all wrong. I have made Saigon a part of mine unconsciously. It’s not easy to realize something that has belonged to you but you feel nothing for its so close existence.

Now I choose to talk about Saigon because I have felt something recently that if one day I leave here for  another fantasy thing, I will not regret for my unfair attitude. Of course it’s not a make-up. It’s what I feel for sure.

And because I got some valuable pictures of this place which were taken by my friends. So why don’t I borrow them and share with some of my wordpress friends here ?

Notre Dame de Saigon

Why I choose this pic as the first in this post ? Because I’ve seen it everyday for  the past 4 years. Because I can see my working place from this corner. Because it’s  one of symbols of Saigon from the old days when French troops visited us. Because almost all foreigners have a stop in here on their city day tour and because it marks my childhood memory about Saigon.


Do you see any commons in those pics? I’m not a street food follower but I’m addicted to it. You will never reject it once it has a chance to run in your blood. I’m not a liar. It’s supposed to be our culture, maybe this culture also appears in some other places in the world as I used to see like in Bangkok, Penang or Cambodia. Maybe Saigon and Cambodia are quite the same ‘cos street foods here they seem to be unexpected, unprompted and keep moving everywhere. I think it would be so sad in the city if one day all that street foods no longer appear. Maybe it’s still far in future, the day when our city is like New York or Paris.

When talking about street foods, it’s so unhappy without street coffee. Sitting on pavements around the park 30-4, having a drink and chewing something in your mouth and watching people passing by are the best show I always enjoy. Of course, ask yourself before you choose street food and street coffee. Why  you want them instead of some cozy restaurants growing everywhere like mushrooms. Your taste changes at times and you need to try all the flavours of an ice cream shop. I often vote for street stuff cause it brings me real leisure time than ever which restaurants or coffee shops can’t. Fun and simplicity always work.

sticky rice

Thủ Thiêm bridge

Thủ Thiêm bridge

Phú Mỹ bridge – new symbol Saigon

Phú Mỹ – afternoon

Phú Mỹ – morning

From Cát Lái port

I dont know where it is in Saigon. That wanderer is so sensitive with landscapes, colors and brightness. I wish I were a talent in photoshoot but I’m still an apprentice. It’s just about colors, brightness, corners and emotions that I can bring to my pics. Technique? I’m lazy to be with it.

New Saigon

Can you imagine it’s old Saigon? I think it’s like a petite Paris in the those days. French colonist suceeded in transforminng little Saigon to petite Paris. It was so nice in architecture, in fashion, in styles when they came here, indeed.

Street foods stay the same by the times.

Saigon in Republic days.

No that statue anymore.

Old Nguyễn Huệ Street

1969. It’s now People’s Committee of HCMC.


A fancy car

I see my grandma had this style.

Old Saigon and new Saigon, it’s quite interesting for me to see two faces of the city I’ve been living. I like the old but the new works. Which one do you like?


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