Morning Glory in Angkor

Have you ever  been to Cambodia? I guess the “Yes” is alot. Most of us, I think want to find a gorgeous architecture , a temple complex, a religous symbol, a pride and a money-making machine of Cambodia Kingdom and Cambodian people, it’s Angkor Wat.

I’m not gonna tell you about Angkor. It’s ridiculous to talk about that popular spot under an introduction of history or something like that.

This is what I want to tell you. Wow! This scene is so amazing. I actually don’t like crowded places. It’s out of my expectation  in the early morning when I made the first step inside the temple with my friends. haha….People and people in all kinds of activity as you can see in the pics I took from both sides. People from all over the world. They come from everywhere. They wear typical costumes of their countries or made-in- Cambodia fashion, speaking different languages, being side by side with friends like me or with bf/gf or with their families, ect. But we all come here for the same purpose: waiting for the sunrise on the Angkor peak. It’s so funny to watch them, to see how their faces are moving: how eager for the newcomers but how tired for the long wait. I was tired too. Why that damn sun didn’t want to rise huh? Oh man ! Where are you ? Where are you going?

Korean guys

It was a cloudy morning in the sky so I guess it might not satisfy us with a burning sun. Many people gave up by walking inside. Phewwwww..more fresh air for me. I didn’t want to smell them.

The temple is like a sleeping beauty and those visitors including me are like noisy and disturbing hunters, just trying to catch any moment of her beauty. How miserable to a beauty ! This makes me think of “Beautiful Monster” by Neyo. “She’s a monster, beautiful monster but I don’t mind” . Noone minded though the sun kept hiding.

I started to walk inside too ’cause it had been an hour. I missed that stunning shoot which I often see people take it.

Let’s move in.


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