Feel living

Once in my lifetime, I risked myself in an extremely tough situation, which was an unforgetable moment in the series of my adventures in 2010.

We never knew where the road we were hitting would lead us to. It was supposed to be  newly built on the passes. We chose that destination for the terraces in the harvest which you could draw out a colorful picture with rice fields in their mature.

 The point that always made me fall for was the smell of them. It was a magical mix of the countryside plus mountain roads and carefree winds ending up  country chic. Things sounded like smooth and enjoyable until the sun was going down. We headed that road to Mù Cang Chải without the idea of its situation. It was on renovation process and under construction which got all of us in  survival minutes. I heard that it was about 32 km but we spent almost 8hrs to get out of that area.

How was it like to make our vagabonds stuck in a real scary scenario? I think my pics just can’t tell what we really experienced. Even healthiest, craziest guys found themselves out of energy and no way else to choose but going ahead.

It was just a beginning after an horror short film. I was speechless sitting at the back of my friend when we were riding along a narrow rocky and slippery road, carefully moving in line between the cliff and the gorge hiding behind bushes. He said: no kidding huh, we have a gorge behind this bush. Wow, I said nothing. Maybe I still thought it was a joke but unconsciously I knew something unsafe waiting for us. Then silence and courage should have been our best friends at the moment. Well, as I said so far, it was just a beginning. No any pics taken here.

rest stop

We took a rest after climbing over a muddy incline. 10 bikes were eventually pushed and pulled by all of our guys. A rest stop of some workers gave us some minutes to breath again and come to final decision: move forward or backward. But how could we move backward with the tiny road by the gorge we just passed through? It was better to go ahead. We had 20 people. We had team power.

my friend's horse

light keepers

Alez! We kept moving forward. I didn’t remember what time it was. No feeling of hunger at all because our brains only asked us to go go go, not to eat or be thirsty or be tired or be cold. Moving was an inevitable job. It was so funny because we hardly walked on that slippery road, yet our guys had to learn how to control their bikes on the surface. It was sloppy, muddy, and disgusting again. Everytime I tried to sit on the bike, it just waited to throw me away. I knew we all tried our best to get out of there. Every move counted. Person by person, we were in a competition to see who would win the prize of Mr or Ms Slip for the times we rolled over and over again on a special dancing floor. But later, I thought this road became legend to us because it made us attached to each other.

We finally found the light. A real road was waiting for us there. And a real cold and exhaustion were calling us too.  2:00am was  historic time. We were finally in a guesthouse.

This is what hit my eyes the next morning when I woke up in a mountain town, Mù Căng Chải. I never forget it.

Then walking nearby.

H'mong girls02 gentlemen

A few hour sleep helped us alot. We found ourselves energetic again. Ahh, but wait! Let see our victory by the night.

my friend's suit

Nothing lasts forever, even the pain and happiness but the happiness will remain forever in our mind.


my partner

Looks like an alien huh.

this is us on the day back.


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