W -T – H- I- T

a Ray of Hope can totally change your life. Keep up with your faith and hope.

Recently I have read a lot of words  like that. My mind was messed up because I didn’t know where to start and how I should do. I finally realized that the biggest obstacle I have to face is my fear. I’m not strong enough to break my safe wall. How can I live out there with a lower income ? How can I keep staying pretty with that hot and spicy food? How can I save my budget for  future plans with limited bucks? Blahh..blah…And I see how a loser I was.

I just had a look at my friend’s pictures in Kenya and Tanzarnia. How gorgeous. And also Mongolian landscape made me frozen. Actually I want to spend two months in Africa and one month in Mongolia and another one month for some places in China that I want to but it’s hard to pick up right now because they are so many. So, what am I going to do for that ambition? How can I make my dream come true while I have to take care of my siblings and support them as an eldest sis in my family? How can I do the both at the same time ? It means I have to get a job that is able to feed me, feed my dream and feed my sis. Ain’t it tragic? Or ain’t I too demanding?

I also had an idea but I have to wait till next month. Let see what’s gonna bring to me. Maybe I’ll find a fortune teller.

thinking…thinking….” -.- ”

to be continued….

(what the hell is that?)


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2 Responses to W -T – H- I- T

  1. good luck to you then! thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you dear for coming over here.

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