My mid autumn festival


Mid autumn festival is coming.  This year it’s going to pop up on Sep 11, 12, on Sunday and Monday. It should be on August 15 based on lunar calendar but we often celebrate it the night before just like New Year’s Eve.

I think people mostly heard about this festival, this is originally Chinese’s. But here is Vietnamese mid autumn festival. We had 1,000 year evasion by Chinese. So no wonder why our festivals are quite the same.

In my memory, this festival is only for kids. It always turns me back on the days when I was young, wandering around alleys in my territory with a lightful red butterfly-shaped lantern.

What was the dream of a six year old young lady ? Actually, I preferred to celebrate that day at my grandpa’s territory, where the kids next door always had games for me. We didn’t have big stages decorated by fully sparkling candles or any specific areas for mid autumn festival. We  just hungered for a fantastic dream coming true.

But we could make it our way. Gathering in the darkest corner in the alley, we put the candles on the lids and filled them with light in order to brighten our space up until they all melted away to our favourite stuff, wax. You know, wax is like flavoured jelly that was often listed on my hits. And I could create more  candles from that wax by putting a small piece of paper or any kinds of string I collected from my neighbors in the middle of that wax pool. It was a great achievement that a kid like me could ever do.

I love all kinds of lantern which are hand made in colors, except made in China ones because, of course, they are made by chemical plastic with available installed music ready to yell out loud.

Kids today have much more choices with fancy outfits, lantern, moon cakes and celebrations.

My story completely stands behind the times. Mid autumn is for everyone. This is a festival for family, for friends and for fun. Riding to specific places in the city where most of Chinese live, we can see a street or even a town of lanterns.

I’m not that dreaming baby girl anymore, but the waiting time in every mid autumn is damn exciting. That lantern dream has become moon cake dream because we nowadays have a lot famous brand names who make so delicious moon cakes. We buy boxes of moon cakes on this occasion to give our business partners, our friends, our family. It’s a happy gift for everyone.

Lanterns are still my fantastic dream.


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