Why Hà Nội ?

Ha Noi, it’s not my hometown, it’s not the city I’m living, just a place I happen to come and have to leave because it’s not for me. But it’s always here inside of me and makes me feel so bad just like the pain of an ugly ulcer.

I think whoever has a chance to hook up with Ha Noi, they would be crazy about it. It’s not like an ancient town in China like Lijiang or Dali. It’s messy, kinda noisy, getting people mad by yelling sounds, or series of electric cables proudly lining up from roof to roof, corner to corner…Its sounds like Saigon here where I’ve been living for 10years.

But it doesn’t.

Sometimes I miss the accent of those people from the North. Sai Gon has everything with it, so convenient, so comfortable. But I want something original, something with the North smell or sound or images.

green rice flakes
Their intonation, their tones are so differentiated from Saigoners. It rises so high and it falls so low, like a peot singing his peom. But be careful when they yell at you. It’s sharp, agressvive and hard to deal with.
I love Ha Noi for its four seasons. Living in a place with only rainy and dry seasons to experience is so poor for your taste. You don’t have four season food, you don’t have four season clothes, you don’t have four season climate features, blah..blah…blah… What a big loss. I want a chilly winter in a thick jacket and fashionable scarf. I’m going to put my boots on and riding around empty streets queued up by two lines of trees or  turn to small alley to eat some stuff sold by old ladies or chat with my friends while having a cup of hot tea warming my frozen hands. It really makes me feel. It’s so weird for a girl who has devoted a part of her soul for a strange place like that. Not because of its beauty, for  it’s beatings I guess.

And, if you ever read any other entries of mine, you’ll see how much I’m crazy about northwest, and you’ll understand why I love the north. Who is the first I have got stuck with? hmmmm..Don’t be jealous ! Don’t fight. I love you both.

Emotional time is over, now it’s time for eye-wash.

Thê Húc Bridge - at the center of Ha Noi

Ha Noi in spring or autumn

Ha Noi cyclo


super cyclo

Ha Noi old lady

young ladies

spring with motorbike

Phở Hà Nội - Ha Noi beef noodles

Ha Noi peach blossom in spring

Ha Noi Town

flooded Ha Noi



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2 Responses to Why Hà Nội ?

  1. An Nguyen says:

    Wedding in flood, a good fortune according to old Vietnamese traditions. 🙂

  2. Ha says:

    I’m really into your note about Hanoi. Actually, I just happened to see this note when I was trying to find some pics about Hanoi to support for my video. it’s pity that I haven’t visited Hanoi. I love the pace of life there. it’s totally different from Saigon. it’s ancient with thirthy – six streets and districts. it seems that I found something so called ” country inspiration” in Hanoi.

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