Another place in the world

Love to be loved.

What do you expect when hitting a beach?

It should be a long, soft and white sand with a sexy blue water surface.

It should be quiet without human noises but rustling waves with naughty white foams.

It should be a whole day spending with your lover enjoying the sweetest moments you’ve ever had.

I don’t expect any of them. I just want to go far away from this concrete and noisy city for a new air.


Ialways dream of somewhere out there in the world but have no any ideas about the places around me. How stupid I am. I’ve been here twice.Be here again to look for the first feeling but I can’t.This is a very small island in the southeast near Sai Gon and near my hometown but I just got to know it at a day not very far from now.

the opening ceremony of a new temple on the island


flow to the boat

How excited I was sitting in this basket, maybe, it’s better to call “thúng mủng”. The idea of falling down in the water kept running around my head but I still couldn’t deny that IT’S SO GREAT

 It’s only the military base on the island. Nothing else. On the second time I saw a bit change with one food stall on the beach. Some local people find it a good way to do business here for travelers like us. They serve foods and drinks. I have to say that it’s only for lazy travelers because we already had our food bought from the shore early in the morning when  fishermen came back. Here we got: fish, squids, vegetables, red peppers, … because we got a brilliant chef with us.

Go trekking, snorkeling, getting tanned, eating, singing are our favourites activities on the island.

Let’s discover the amazing underwater world.

an XXL hamburger

breathing bubble

Now we move to another side of the island.

And some creatures we happened to see

Even though it is a rainy day

It could never stop us to be here

definitely raw

We were here in CÙ LAO CÂU.

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