A trek to Buddha Land


Keep moving  to the northwest, we’re going to have a trek to the west of Yên Tử, a favourite spot to off-road addicts,  a place in Bắc Giang province located around Hà Nội.

It was a sudden wave when I was on my business trip to Hà Nội and decided to do the trek with my friends to Yen Tu.  We planned to trek to the temple located up high in the hill, an isolated temple people don’t want to waste their energy to hit it.

It was getting cold  for the coming winter. So I didn’t think I would be much tired and sweaty. And because it’s high there in the hill and just for monks, nothing there for us to get recovered, we had to prepare all stuff like sleeping bags, food, water, thick jackets, gloves, ect. for an overnight stay.

It’s always fun when we start to plan a trip, right ?  Now it was time for food preparation. My friend already made everything there. Cooking show was just making plain rice to balls, completely pressed balls so that they wouldn’t be broken and messed up in our bags on the trek. It wasn’t that easy. I bet young girls nowadays find it hard to make it. It’s only for skilled women. Later, stuff was shared for eight people. When the package was done, I guess I had to carry 10kgs on my back while sticking my body on ascending roads. How could a tiny girl do it? I became a supergirl from that moment on.

still fresh at departing time

somewhere in Hải Dương near Quảng Ninh


And the trek started.

this pic can't tell its fantastic look in real



the nicest gift in the 1st day

We got lost in the jungle. Thanks God, my friends were geographically genius. But the sun dropped so fast in the jungle then we hardly found which way hitting the temple. We lost quite far along the stream so it rushed us to go back and start to race before it was extremely dark.

I never thought that I could climb on a steep and soft slope at twilight like that. We all lost our breath.

It was finally deep in the darkness but we had a big luck for a full moon day. The whole path in front of us was shined in moonlight. Wow ! I loved this. A big reward after a hard time. I don’t know when I will have this feeling again. A  bunch of excitement  was blooming in me. haha…I didn’t want anything in this life anymore. How could I be so lucky like that ?

Ngọa Vân Am


It was 10:00pm we found out a temple somewhere around the mountain. It wasn’t the destination but it made us crazily relieved because we were absolutely tired out. More than three hours groping, starving, being sweaty n cold in the dark, we finally found a haven.

This was a small old temple where our King Trần Nhân Tông made his life ascetic and practised meditation to reach the peak of the way.

I’ve never ever been to pure Buddha land in a full moon night and deep in the jungle before. So marvellous !

the next morning at the temple with instant noodles


day 2


a kooky crew

It looks like a crew of beggars after a hard working day. haha…

Up..down…up…down… I don’t remember how many hills we passed. We finally got the peak. It was just another temple hanging up there. And it was time to fight for food. hehe….We had the best lunch in the wolrd. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or course we felt good with plain rice, vegetables picked in the garden, salted peanuts, bean sauce and soup the monks gave us.

The way back was the same but it was descending. People say it’s easier going back but this time wasn’t that easy. Still lost in the dark , still groped for the right steps and landed off at midnight.

Home at 3:00am.




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