Partners on the go

2010 was a year of adventure and happiness. I’m so proud of me. :))

You guys know what, not only the scenic beauty has been melting me but also my partners on the go have made me think of them so bad. Wow! So bad. Not all of them pushed me to that corner, of course, only one or two or three…I don’t remember.

Hmmm…what can I say huh? I don’t want to talk about handsome guys.

It isn’t fair to compare between handsome and cool. I can watch him, observe him if he’s handsome but it’s only for a second but a cool one would be able to take my mind away for days, weeks, or even months. haha..Cool is much more than handsome, ain’t it? Maybe I’m too sensitive or always full of emotions.

I guess I’m crazy about a guy who is quite but not much crazy riding bikes, crazily excited not stupid. He’s also caring when I’m tired and let me lean on him on the way. I know it’s not safe if I fall asleep when he’s driving but I’m not sleeping, I just wanna close my eyes in a second for a refill. That’s it. I know it’s very tired being a driver when traveling in northwest of Vietnam, especially on winter or spring days. It’s so foggy, so wet, so cold and kinda dangerous ‘cos the visibility is so short. I’m certainly cold, shivering, a bit wet. Sadly, my driver is worse, moreover he has to drive, watch the road and take care of me. But I ain’t care about that. I just did it later.

For all those reasons, I might have fallen for all of them. But I didn’t. It sounds like there’s a thin line between friendship and something called more-than-friendship. We maybe misunderstand that is …blah..blah…I’m not sure but he will be …if he’s really ..your …whatever.


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