Northwest of Vietnam at my glance

What do you think about love ? I have no any ideas. I have been got stuck in one-sided love. Was it hurt ?

I say no, if your lover is nature. I am a nature lover.

My dream is to travel around the world like many other people, meet new friends, experience new cultures, enjoy local food, have fun with local guys…blah…blah…blah…

But first of all, I’d better turn my dream on in here, my country, Vietnam with a stunning area which is a part of me, Northwest of Vietnam.

Yeah, it’s damm cool to hang out around there, touching rocky mountains, surfing on mountain roads, windy passes,  saying hello with minority locals and tasting the peace there.

Ha Giang was supposed to be the first destination of mine on the way being a vagabond. The first is always unforgettable. I’ve been there 4 days and 3 nights.

Happiness Road

I don’t know if there are any places in the world having  sexy pass like this, maybe in Himalaya. I haven’t been there yet. The feeling of being gone with the wind and dancing with the road is still fresh in me.

What am I talking about now? It’s how to get there. By a bus ? by any means of transportation? It could only be motobikes. I think it’s not easy for anybody who is not local or living out of the north having the desire of reaching this area. No travel agencies, not even at all. It’s also what I like about it. Maybe it’s kind of selfish but that’s why we still can enjoy its natural and wild beauty with an extremely quiet. It’s also the area where we can see the border between China and Vietnam.


Bye bye my love for a second. I’m hungry for now.


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